4th Annual MLibrary Student Photo Contest

This year the Taubman Health Sciences Library hosted the 4th Annual MLibrary Student Photo Contest. The theme for this year was, “Healthy Michigan: How do you stay healthy in Michigan?” Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students were encouraged to enter up to two photos between January 24th and March 11th. Photographers were free to interpret the theme in any way they liked, but had to explain how it related to their photograph. To view all of this year and previous years’ submissions, visit the photo contest flickr account.

On Tuesday April 12th, the library hosted  a celebration to announce the winners for the first, second, and third places as well as the campus choice award.

1st Place: A New Perspective by Christopher Koh

“I stay healthy at Michigan by keeping my mind and body fit. I keep my body healthy by playing volleyball on weekends. I am also involved in many IM sports such as soccer, dodge ball, and volleyball. I enjoy running through the campus and the arboretum when the weather warms up. To keep my mind in check, I go to church, study hard, and read the news as often as possible. I also try to cook and eat balanced meals at the dining halls. I feel like the structure and environment of Ann Arbor encourages college students to stay healthy.”

2nd Place: Blurred by Patti Ramos

“Another of my past times that keeps me healthy is running. It helps me de-stress from school, work, and life when the going gets rough. Watching others run is also a great motivator to acquire healthier habits. While at the Silverston indoor track meet, I captured this picture of racers in the women’s 400m run.”

3rd Place: Roads & Leaves by Lyle A. Murphy

“I stay healthy by just exploring and playing around the many parts of campus with my friends. There are so many beautiful places hidden away here at Michigan that not many students know about such as the Wave Field in my photo. Whether it’s finding new places or taking trips into Nichols Arboretum for games of Ultimate Frisbee just hanging out with my friends keep me sane mentally and physically.”

Campus Choice: Arb Arms by Patti Ramos

“Through my six years on campus, the Arb has remained one of my favorite places on campus. Not only is it beautiful year round, but also inspires me to be healthy by walking, running, picnicking, exploring, and sledding in it. This picture was taken this past winter on one of my many walks through the Arb. My boyfriend and I discovered an overgrown bush that was large enough to walk under, and this picture is what we saw when we looked up. It felt as if the arms of the tree had enveloped us into a wintertime hug. Walks through the Arb have always encouraged me to keep a healthy mind, allowing me to refocus and find inner strength while basking in its beauty.”

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