5W Wednesday: Center for Education of Women

Our 5W Wednesday series highlights a variety of health care organizations, professionals and programs that keep our community healthy.

Why is there a Center for Education of Women?
The University of Michigan Center for the Education of Women’s mission is to advance the personal, educational, career, professional and leadership potential of women. The services, programs, applied research, and action initiatives conducted by CEW promote inclusiveness and equity within the University, across the state and throughout the nation.

What services do they provide?
In addition to sponsoring frequent programs and events, multiple leadership programs, and research opportunities, the Center for Education of Women provides the following services:

Who can use CEW’s services?
The Center’s services are available to anyone, whether affiliated with the University of Michigan or a community member.  Counseling appointments are available by appointment; call 734.764.6360.

Where is the Center for Education of Women located?
CEW is located at 330 E. Liberty Street between S. Division and 5th Streets. Look for the blue “CEW” awning outside our building; CEW’s entrance is at the top of the exterior stairs. To access the elevator, use the entrance at the northwest corner of the building and buzz for CEW. Click here for a map.

When are they open?
From September through April, the center is open Monday 8am-7pm and Tuesday – Friday 8am-5pm. From May through August, the center is open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. The CEW library is available for use during all of these hours.

For more information…
Visit their website at cew.umich.edu, call 734.764.6005, or email contactcew@umich.edu.

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