5W Wednesday: Throat Cancer Screening from Cancer Center Community Outreach

Our 5W Wednesday series highlights a variety of health care organizations, professionals and programs that keep our community healthy.

What is the event?
As a part of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week, the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center will be hosting a free throat cancer screening. The event will include:

  • Complete throat cancer screening examination
  • Counseling to help you quit smoking (by appointment)
  • Additional information and resources about throat cancer
  • Free parking or AATA bus transportation
  • Refreshments

Do you smoke or chew tobacco? Is your throat or mouth sore? Do you have hoarseness that won’t go away? Trouble swallowing food? Or a lump in your neck? Any of these problems could be signs of throat cancer. While this disease can rob you of your voice or your jaw, throat cancer can be treated if caught early. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consider being evaluated for a free throat cancer screening.

Who is hosting the event?
U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Outreach Program

The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Outreach Program is committed to providing evidence-based health information, tailored programs and special events that educate the community about cancer prevention and early diagnosis. In addition to offering free cancer screenings, they offer free cancer educational displays and materials for health fairs, meetings and conferences and host a community-wide event to celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day in early June. The Cancer Center Community Outreach Program also has a speaker’s bureau, hosts a variety of community outreach events, and has a minority outreach initiative that provides culturally-tailored community events and materials for communities of color. See their website for more information.

Why are they hosting the throat cancer screening? 
Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week is April 22-28, 2012. Did you know?

  • More than 40,250 men and women in this country are expected to be diagnosed with head and neck cancers in 2012.
  • Head and neck cancers account for approximately 3% of all cancers in the United States.
  • Early detection and treatment are the keys to preventing these cancers.
  • People who use both tobacco and alcohol are at greater risk for developing these cancers than people who use either tobacco or alcohol alone.
  • HPV (Human papillomavirus infection) is now accepted as a risk factor for the development of squamous cancers of the oropharynx. The Food and Drug Administration has approved two vaccines to prevent HPV infection: Gardasil® and Cervarix®. Both vaccines are highly effective in preventing infections with HPV types 16 and 18. HPV type 16 is an increasing cause of oropharyngeal cancer, a type of head and neck cancer.

Sources: National Cancer Institute (A Snapshot of Head and Neck and Thyroid Cancers [PDF], Head and Neck Cancer: Questions and Answers), National Comprehensive Cancer Network

When is the free sceening?
The throat cancer screening is Saturday April 28, 2012 from 9AM-1PM.
Please note that while this event is free, registration is required. Call 800-865-1125 to register. Priority will be given to those without health insurance.

Where is it?
The screening will take place at the Otolaryngology Clinic in the Taubman Center, located at 1500 E. Medical Center Drive, Floor 1, Reception A. Use Parking Deck P2 and enter through the main entrance of the hospital. Get directions. 

Need more information?
Visit the event website, the Head and Neck Cancer Program website, or call  800-865-1125 for more information and/or to register. You can also visit the Head and Neck Cancer Resources page.

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