Lecture by Alice N’kom Cameroonian Lawyer

Photo of Alice N’kom taken by Graham Turner for The Guardian

Alice N’kom will lecture on a bill that is being introduced to the national assembly in Cameroon which will give formal, political backing to section 347 of the country’s penal code that criminalizes consensual sex between adults of the same gender.

N’kom stated in an article for the Guardian that “These laws are illegal – the declaration of human rights is part of our constitution – but the judges still apply them. It’s very difficult to prove you have had sex. Under the procedural code you cannot be put in jail unless caught in delecto flagrante. “But they always put people accused of homosexuality in jail straight away. People are targeted because they wear makeup or looked effeminate. One client was given a three-year sentence because he wrote a text message. It’s a very corrupt environment and people get paid for informing on others.”

This lecture will take place on Tuesday, October 2nd at 3 pm in the School of Public Health, room 1755. This lecture is sponsored by the Global Public Health Initiate, Institute for the Study of Women and Gender, Sex & Justice. For further information on this event, please contact Chinyere neale at nealee@umich.edu.

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