Cure blindness by 2020, get $2 million in prize money

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Art Garfunkel, (yes, this Art Garfunkel) and two former roomates from Columbia University (a real estate magnate and an investor) are putting up $2 million in gold bullion  to drive researchers to cure blindness by 2020. This will  establish through  one of the biggest prizes internationally for a scientific advancement through Johns Hopkins Medicine.

This prize money is nearly double the amount Nobel prize laureates receive, and it is expected to increase as more donations are made towards the effort.

An independent council will present the prize Dec. 13, 2020, to the individual, team or institution that is determined to have accomplished the most in the next eight years to end blindness worldwide. McDonnell said he can envision researchers and scientists assembling groups that can submit a package of cures to the awards committee, including individuals who specialize in cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and genetic eye disorders. – Baltimore Sun

This announcement coincides nicely with the fact that October is World Blindness Awareness Month. To learn more about the prize announcement please visit here.

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