Factual Friday: Red wine supplements just don’t cut it.

By: christmasstockimages.com

A new study in the journal Cell Metabolism found that “Healthy middle-aged women do not benefit from taking resveratrol supplements“. Resveratrol is a component of red wine that is thought to decrease the risk of heart disease, improve insulin sensitivity, and boost life expectanct.

The researchers had 15 of the women take a 75 milligram over-the-counter resveratrol supplement daily for 12 weeks. They noted that this was the equivalent of drinking over two gallons of red wine. The insulin sensitivity and metabolic response of these women was then compared to 14 other women who took a inactive placebo pill over the course of the study.

Other studies with resveratrol supplements in rodents and cell systems have shown metabolic improvements, but the effect does not translate to middle aged women. However, “this does not preclude the possibility that resveratrol could have a synergistic effect when combined with other compounds in red wine”.

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