Evolution and Health Exhibit

I visited the Evolution and Health exhibit on a rather dreary Monday afternoon, and was quite happy to enter the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History after being buffeted by the cold gusts of wind blowing across campus. The exhibit is located on the 4th floor , and the trek upstairs allows you to peruse some of the other attractions the museum has to offer.

The exhibit is modern and colorful with a multitude of displays that are hands-on and interactive. The U-M Museum of Natural History is the first venue for the exhibition, which will travel nationally.  The main focus is on how evolutionary adaptations for our early ancestors impact our lives today and contribute to contemporary health issues.

Health issues that are covered include: lactose intolerance, obesity, skin cancer, and HIV/AIDS. Many of the exhibit components involve video or a hands-on component but there are no historical artifacts that are presented, which makes this exhibit stand in  contrast to the traditional museum display.

Overall, Evolution and Health is a family friendly exhibition that addresses many contemporary health problems and their relation to evolutionary adaptations in a fresh format. Make sure to explore the rest of the museum when you visit!

The U-M Museum of Natural History is holding this colorful, interactive, and informative exhibit through January 13th, 2013. Evolution & Health was developed by the New York Hall of Science and was made possible by a Science Education Partnership (SEPA) grant from the National Center for Research Resources, a component of the National Institutes of Health.

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