Michigan Stem Cell Summit


The Student Society for Stem Cell Research is proud to be hosting the Michigan Stem Cell Summit, a one day FREE conference to be held this Saturday, January 26th from 12-4:30 PM. This event will be held in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League (map). The goal of the event is to increase awareness on campus, update students on the potentials, and clear misconceptions surrounding the subject of stem cell research. Researchers from multiple parts of the University will come together to discuss this stem cell research. This is an amazing opportunity for students and faculty alike to network and learn about cutting edge research in the field.


12- 12:30 PM Koessler Room: Registration & Networking

12:30 – 1 PM Koessler Room: The Other Stem Cells – Cancer Stem Cells and Their Implications with Dr. Mark Prince

1– 2 PM Henderson Room: Networking & Snacks

2– 2:30 PM Room D: Lecture by Dr. Bo Yang

2:30 – 3 PM Koessler Room: Enhancing Cellular Therapies for ALS with Dr. Simon Lunn

3– 3:30 PM Room D: Great Lakes Stem Cell Innovation Center with Dr. James Eliason

3:30 – 4 PM Koessler Room: Using Stem Cells to Understand Disease with Dr. Jack Mosher

To learn more about this event please visit here or contact Sumedha Pramod (pramods@umich.edu).

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