Quittin’ Time

By: Qfamily

By: Qfamily

February is American Heart Month and this Thursday is Valentine’s Day, so what better time than now to improve your heart health by quitting smoking?!

Even if you have tried to quit before unsuccessfully, try again! There are many different supports available.

Check out just a few below:

  • Looking for free resources? Visit UHS today to pick up a free Quit Kit in Room 2110 or grab some coupons for nicotine replacement products from the UHS pharmacy. The Michigan Department of Community Health also offers free information on quitting online and has a toll-free Tobacco Quit Line (800-480-7848).
  • Are you on the U-M Student Health Insurance Plan? Then, you have access to the one-year Quit Tobacco program provided by Healthyroads, a leading provider of tobacco cessation programs. You’ll get free personal counseling from health professionals that can help find what works for you. Check it out here!
  • Are you a senior? Call the Turner Senior Resource Center at (734)-998-6622 for information on their proven program with a high success rate!
  • Are you a veteran? Join a free 7 week group program with a focus is on smoking reduction and/or cessation using nicotine replacement techniques and Zyban. Call 734-769-7100 or toll-free 800-361-8387
  • Are you looking for a 12 Step Program? Visit here for a group meeting near you.
  • Or, would you prefer an online program? The American Lung Association offers a free online program for smoking cessation called Freedom from Smoking Online.
  • Would you like online encouragement and support? Follow @CDCTobaccoFree, @SmokefreeWomen, @SmokefreeGov, @LungAssociation, and/or @AmericanCancer for tips and prompters on quitting smoking!

For more information on quitting, please visit here.


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