Fractious Federalism and the Future of Medicaid



With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 (ACA) the innovation and tailoring of Medicaid by individual states was brought to a halt. Learn more about the challenges that Medicaid will face in Obama’s second term this Monday, February 18,  from 1:00-2:30 PM in the Annenberg Auditorium, 1120 Weill Hall (map).

Dr. Frank J. Thompson will speak on the fractious federalism brought on by the sweeping reforms passed in the ACA. Professor Thompson is Professor of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers-Newark and at the Rutgers Center for State Health Policy in New Brunswick. Professor Thompson has served as a fellow with the U.S. Public Health Service and published extensively on issues of health policy and implementation. His recent publications focus on Medicaid and the safety net, the catalytic role of demonstration waivers in reshaping Medicaid, the transformation of Medicaid long-term care through the waiver process, and the implementation challenges for Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Dr. Scott Greer, an Associate Professor of Health Management and Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, and Senior Research Fellow at LSE Health, London School of Economics will provide commentary.

This event is free and open to the public. To learn more, visit here.

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