National Get Outdoors Day


What: National Get Outdoors Day, or GO Day seeks to “encourage healthy, active outdoor fun at sites across the nation…prime goals of the day are reaching currently underserved populations and first-time visitors to public lands, and reconnecting our youth to the great outdoors”.

When: This Saturday, June 8th

Where: The outdoors! And, sites across the nation

Who: Everyone is encouraged to get outdoors this GO Day! You can visit a local GO Day event, or make your own fun by visiting a local park, going camping or just spending some time outside!

Why: GO Day seeks to inspire and motivate people (especially kids) to get outdoors. Participate in this day to show your kids, friends, and/or family how fun going outdoors can be!

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One response to “National Get Outdoors Day

  1. I like how people in America need a National Get Outdoors Day. A little sad we spend so much time indoors on a societal level.

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