Sweltering Summer Safety

As temperatures are high across the nation, it is important to remember to stay cool and hydrated. Follow the tips below to make the best of your health and your summer!


  1. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher on all skin likely to be exposed to the sun to start your day. And, go out in style with attire that will protect you from the sun (hats, sunglasses, long sleeves, and pants).
  2. Pack a water bottle before you head out and drink, drink, drink (but not caffiene or alcohol)! Hydration is key to staying safe in the sun. Click here to learn more about the importance of hydration and myths about heat stress. If you work outdoors, make sure to download this Heat Safety App from OSHA.
  3. Learn what you should do if you get sunburns, blisters, and bug bites.
  4. The water sure is lovely this time of year, but make sure you know how to keep yourself and your children safe when around it! Never swim alone, and never leave a child alone in the water. Learn more water safety tips.
  5. No air conditioning? Check out these suggestions on how to cool down. But, make sure to head to a place with air-conditioning if your home becomes too hot. And, keep an eye on senior friends and relatives as they are more susceptible to dehydration!
  6. This one’s for the kids. Check out KidsHealth.org Summer Safety Center for tips on everything from bike safety to riptides in a kid friendly format.


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