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Cancer Deaths and the Link to Lifestyle and Environment

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Join Dr. David Schottenfeld, M.D., M.S. this Wednesday, July 24th from 5:15-6:00 PM in 1690 SPH Crossroads for a lecture on A Current Perspective on the Proportion of Cancer Deaths in the United States Attributable to Lifestyle and Environmental Risk Factors.

Learn more about this exciting public health event!


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Nurturing Change in Injury Policy

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Join Jeffrey Michael, Ed D.this Tuesday, May 21st at 4 PM in the North Campus Research Center, Building 520, Room 1122 (map)  as he discusses injury policy.

Dr. Michael is currently the Associate Administrator for Research and Program Development at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Previously, Dr. Michael served as Director of the Impaired Driving and Occupant Protection Office, with responsibility for developing and promoting programs to reduce alcohol and drug-impaired driving and increase the use of safety belts and child safety seats and as Chief of the agency’s Emergency Medical Services Division, where he supported the national EMS system by developing and maintaining consensus guidelines for educating emergency medical technicians and improving EMS operations.

Light refreshments will be provided at this free event. Please contact  uminjurycenter@umich.edu for more information about this event.

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2nd Annual John F. Greden, M.D., Scholar in Residence Lecture

This Wednesday, April 3rd, at 10:30 AM renowned psychology, epidemiology and genetics expert Dr. Avshalom Caspi will deliver the 2nd Annual John F. Greden Scholar in Residence Lecture. This talk will be held in the Rachel Upjohn Building Auditorium (map).


The topic of this year’s lecture is “Young Children’s Self-control and the Health and Wealth of their Nation”. Policy-makers are considering large-scale early intervention programs to enhance children’s self-control, with the aim of reducing crime and improving citizens’ health and wealth.  This talk will review evidence from a number of population-representative cohort studies and discuss the implications of their findings.

Dr. Caspi’s research focuses on three main questions:

  • How do childhood experiences shape the course of health inequalities across the life span?
  • How do genetic differences between people shape the way they respond to their environments?
  • What are the best ways to assess and measure personality differences between people?

He has been the recipient of a A.W. Mellon Visiting Fellowship at the University of Capetown, South Africa, the Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize for Productive Youth Development, and the NARSAD Ruane Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Childhood Psychiatric Disorders.

All information for this event was found here.



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Rebecca Skloot Lecture on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


This Wednesday, November 7th from 6PM-8PM at Hill Auditorium, author Rebecca Skloot will lecture on her award-winning book: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  Her book follows the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, a young black woman whose “immortal” cells have been used and exploited by the medical community for decades after being collected from her without consent.

These HeLa cells have been used in a plethora of medical advancements, without any compensation for the family members of Henrietta, despite the fact that vials of HeLa (and HeLa products) can sell from $200 to about $10,000 a vial (CBS News). The work covers a multitude of issues including but not limited to: bioethics, race, gender, and cell patenting.

This event is made possible by the Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research Recruitment . The event is free and open to the public but make sure to register today as there has been a large amount of response for the event! The expected agenda is:

6:00-6:35 : Lecture on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

6:35-7:05 : Q&A

7:15-8:15: Book Signing

For those who cannot attend, the event will be live-streamed. Please visit here for more information.

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